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For first time homeowners, having a home in a good location implies that you have a long-term investment that will give you the best returns. Besides that, the location determines whether or not your home will appreciate or depreciate over time. If you sell later, the location will determine what you will earn. With all that said, you now understand why you need to make the best choice when it comes to location. Even when all other factors seem to be great and okay with you, don’t sacrifice the location for them. You should, in fact, give it a priority.

The Miami Mansion’s location makes it a great and ideal location looking for a home that gives them easy access to essentials of life. If you would like to live near shopping centers and recreational places, then you will have them all once you are here. In addition to that, there are great schools. Your kids will, therefore, have great schools around them. Indeed, this is a place that not only focuses on giving you the luxury you need but also gives you access to every other thing you need. Some of the best commercial centers that are just a few minutes away from Miami Mansions are:

  • Robinsons Sta. Rosa
  • Paseo De Sta. Rosa
  • Festival Mall & Alabang Town Center
  • Rustans Supermarket
  • SM Sta. Rosa

All these centers and other factors make the area where Miami Mansions are located the best place for homes. Indeed, these mansions are more than just luxurious homes for you. They are also a good investment if you would like to buy now and resale later. Ever since the area started experiencing developments, the value has been rising every day. You are, therefore, sure that you will get the best return on your investment later. Apart from Miami Mansions being in a location that makes the community living here to enjoy access to essential facilities, there are many other factors that make the place stand unique. Every real estate expert will also advise you to check the characteristics before making up your mind to pick one or not. The Miami Mansions are in a perfect location because of the following:

  • Safe neighborhood
  • Good schools for kids are nearby
  • Easy access to public transport
  • Popular places, restaurants, and shops are nearby

It’s always smart to have access to all these things. If you live in a place where you can’t find them, then you should seize this moment and be part of the Miami Mansions Community. You will never complain about the lack of these essentials. They are in fact the requirements of life that we all need in our homes. Most importantly, they determine the quality of life you are going to live to experience. Luxury cannot be complete without them. If you want to live enjoying every moment, then buy a home in the Miami Mansions. You will always enjoy comfort and have access to whatever you need. Invest now and enjoy this awesome location that provides you top security.

Commercial Centers :

  • 5 minutes away to Paseo De Sta.Rosa Commercial Center
  • 5 minutes way to Rustans Suparmarket
  • 15 minutes away to SM Sta.Rosa
  • 20 minutes away to Robinsons Sta.Rosa
  • 30 mins away to Festival Mall & Alabang Town Center

Schools :

  • 3 minutes away to St. Scholastica Westgrove
  • 5 minutes away to Don Bosco
  • 5 minutes away to De La Salle University - Canlubang ( land donated by Canlubang brothers, but property is located in Sta. Rosa)

Hospitals :

  • 5 minutes away to Southern Luzon Medical Center
  • 5 minutes away to Fort Med Sta.Rosa
  • 15 minutes away to Asian Hospital
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